Aluminium On/Off Subsea Switch


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This rotary switch features two positions, On and off. When installed in the underwater equipment, it allows you to facilitate circuit waveband switching inside a watertight enclosure without needing to open it.
The threaded specification is M10x1.
This Switch is available in two material options: aluminium or stainless steel.
It can withstand pressures at depths of up to 1000 meters. By turning the knob, you can switch two positions for on and off. The on-off positions are equipped with limiting stops, and there is a distinct audible ‘click’ when the position is reached. Two wires, blue and green, exit from the switch, supporting direct on-off for 0.5A at 24VDC and 0.2A at 48VDC. If you require a switch for high-current circuits, you can connect relay or MOS switch circuits.
The switch knob features clear markings indicating the current position status. The wrench socket of the bulkhead does not extend to the bottom. The retained circular step serves to protect the hatch cover, preventing potential scratches during wrenching procedures. In situations where closely positioned bulkheads limit available workspace, tools like snap ring pliers can be employed to rotate the semi-circular groove on the head, eliminating the need for specialized tools. It is recommended to incorporate washers or anti-slip pads between the nut and the bulkhead to ensure secure fastening and prevent loosening. Avoid using friction-reducing sliding pads, such as gaskets, on the nut. Applying Loctite thread locker to the nut and bulkhead is advised to prevent loosening. Be careful to prevent contact between the thread glue and the gasket or its contact surface.

Additional information

Body Material

Aluminium 6061

Maximum Rated Depth

1000 meters, 3280 ft

Design Lifetime

3 years or 500 cycles to rated depth / 1500 times of on-off

Temperature Rating

-20 ~ 70°C

Rotational Operating Force


Dielectric Strength

500 VAC (1min)

Insulation Resistance

100 MΩ (MIN) @ 500 VDC

Contact Resistance

100 mΩ MAX

Electrical Performance

0.5A @ 24VDC, 0.2A @ 48VDC


2 x 24 AWG, 200 mm Blue and Green


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