I have twelve years of industry experience in high-level multi-disciplinary engineering roles, and hold a certificate of higher education from Plymouth University as a result of completing three years of a four year BSc (hons) in Electronic and Electrical Systems, I am considered at-least bachelors equivalent by the Institute of Engineering Technologists.

I have been freelancing via Squashed Fly for ten years, working on website design and hosting for a number of clients; including pro bono work for local charities. JV’s servers utilize a mixture of WordPress and WP Networks, and are hosted in a self-managed LAMP environment. I also have experience of email hosting and server security.

In my spare time I volunteer with iT4Communities (a project which supplies high caliber IT professionals to voluntary and community organisations who would not otherwise have access to them). I am an active alumnus member of TermiSoc (The University of Plymouth Computing Society) as well as spending time working on personal projects at Manchester HackSpace (HacMan). Alongside my full time and voluntary roles, I am building a portfolio of freelance work as a web designer and host, I provide services for a number of small businesses and charitable organisations.

One of my recent HackSpace projects has been an affordable accessible mouse, which is currently being beta tested by a male with cerebral palsy in the Swindon area. Having discussed his needs with him and his care team I created, tested and delivered the beta product and am awaiting further feedback regarding refinements required to make it as personally accessible as possible. The primary aim of this project is to achieve a fully documented Open Source accessible mouse, which can be recreated and customised to individual needs without requirement for specialist knowledge. I am also working on a 3D printer utilising existing open source resources as well as a chorded keyboard.