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Philip McGaw

Professional Electronics Engineer

I have over seven years of professional EMC experience on top of my experience with general electrical and electronics engineering, both via formal education and personal projects, I believe the knowledge and skills built up during this time make me the perfect candidate for the role, One of my personal projects is to build an electric go-kart for my two children, this is being designed to be a frame welded from 20mm square box, and MDF sheet cut to shape and size on a CNC router. The motors for it are recovered from “Hoverboards”, the control electronics will be bespoke with custom ESCs.

I have an interest in autonomous and remote control vehicles, with some experience of using Nvidia Jetson nano to self-drive LEGO vehicles.

A work-based solution I delivered was involved with the testing of Traction Inverters for EMC and functional testing, the motors they are designed to drive are 100 kW 400 V brushless motors, meaning at full load they can draw up to 400 A peak, this makes it hard to source the required power. The solution I implemented was to use two traction inverters and two traction motors, and couple the motors mechanically together. One motor would be used as an electronic load, and the other would be running in regeneration mode, applying torque and providing about 80% of the required electrical energy to the first, this meant that the current provided by the external PSUs could be vastly reduced.

I also implemented a standardisation on the Amphenol Industrial PL282 series of connectors for use in testing, this allows test setups to be quicker to set up and modify while ensuring safe isolation and containment for operators from HaV.

I have knowledge of the testing requirements MIL-STD-461G and have professional contacts ith in the test lab industry who I can request help and support for performing assessment and testing.

If I were successful in my application to take up this position, I believe I would bring my experience as an Engineer, as well as my ability to come up with unconventional solutions, or at least ask the questions that inspire others to come up with unorthodox solutions.

I am actively working towards professional registration through the IET, with a view to becoming a chartered engineer.


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