ToyCorner Idea

I can’t remember where I came across the REEcorner™ module concept. (I think it was probably LinkedIn) The REEcorner looks like it could be adapted to work nicely on my DefLander ‘Tot Rod’/’ToyLander’, I have chosen the name “ToyCorner” as hopefully, it is far enough away from REE’s trademark for me not to get any letters from their lawyers.

The REEcorner™ integrates all critical vehicle components (steering, braking, suspension, powertrain, and control) into a single compact module between the chassis and the wheel. Each REECorner™ is completely independent and controlled by its own electronic control unit (ECU), with a REEcenter ECU that controls all corner-level functions.

The functionality of intrest brought out to the REEcorner, is the Drive-by-wire, Steer-by-wire and Brake-by-wire parts of the “Smart corners”

ToyCorner TotRod Drive system

For the DefLander version of this, I am going to design each “smart corner” to contain suspension, brakes, drive, and steering. This should simplify the architecture of my DefLander since each corner will only need a power connection and a data connection.

Data will be a bi-directional CAN bus, and power will be a single 48 Volt DC supply. Logic voltage levels and other required power levels can be generated on the module.

As you can see from these quick renders in Fusion 360, my plan is to have a MacPherson strut style arrangement, with the suspension component from the rear of a mountain bike as the coil spring, shock absorber and damper assembly. The disk brake is also taken from a mountain bike with the actuation being performed by a RC servo, which will all be mounted on the steering knuckle/hub carrier. The traction motor will be mounted on the opposite side to the steering gear tie/track rod, with the reduction gear set being mounted inboard of the hub carrier.

Chances are that I will mount the steering RC servo on the hub carrier as well, this allows the steering gear tie/track rod to be securely mounted on the vehicle chassis, probably at the same mounting point as the lower control arm, reducing the number of attachment points required.

I will need to do some analysis of forces, and work out what reduction ratio is required for the drive motor.

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