Indefinite extension to CE marking

UKCA and CE marking Logos
UKCA and CE marking Logos

On the 1st of August 2023 UK Government announced an indefinite extension to CE marking, the UK Government has stated that it intends to continue recognition of the CE mark indefinitely for most goods being placed on the market in Great Britain; this is a statement which revokes the previous mandatory requirement for the UKCA mark to be placed on applicable goods after December 2024.

Can the UKCA Mark Still be Used?

The UKCA mark is still valid and can still be applied to products, this undefined extension has made its application an optional extra with no particular benefits. Compliance with – and the affixing of – the CE mark alone will enable goods to be sold in Great Britain beyond 2024 just as they are in the EU.

There remain some differences in selling in the two regions, for example, the need for region-based representation, but the use of just the CE marking will mean that product safety compliance will be achieved.

CE Marking

I have made updates to my original article about placing a product on the market!

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